Another Four Years Of Mr. Trump's Presidency?

Dr.AP.Rao & Nirmal A 

Oct 2020

Another Four Years of Mr. Trump's Presidency?

This article provides our astrological predictions for the 59th quadrennial US elections which is scheduled to take place on first Tuesday of November (November 3rd, 2020). The election will be between Mr. Donald Trump, the incumbent President who is the Republican candidate and the Former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic candidate. Mr. Trump is very polarizing and has caused strong emotions, whether you like him or despise him. The article analyses the horoscopes of President Trump and former Vice President Biden and predicts the winner in November 2020 election using Vedic astrology.

As per data available, Mr. Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, 10:54:00, in Jamaica, New York, USA.

He has Simha Lagna with Yogakaraka Mars in Lagna, Lagna lord Sun in 10th house of Vrushabha. Second house Kanya has Jupiter (lord of 5th and 8th house) is good for wealth and children. Fourth house Vruchika has neecha Moon and Ketu but has a powerful neecha bhanga raja yoga that can help him get lots of fixed wealth like land /properties /vehicles. This also may make his thought process sinful,  and duty less. Rahu's aspect on Neecha Moon may also make his mind perceived as stubborn.  Tenth house has lagna lord Sun and Rahu, Sun is very powerful with a shadbala strength of 213.37%; this was a huge reason why he has had a good career in politics and won the 2016 presidential elections. Eleventh house Mithuna has its own lord Mercury. Mercury being the lord of the 11th (gains) and 2nd (wealth) in the 11th house will give him lots of good gains and wealth. 12th house Karkatka has Saturn and Venus; this may indicate losses and hardships in marriage with divorces. Jupiter has a powerful 9th aspect on Sun helping the house and the planet, Sun aspects Moon in 4th house and this helps him gain lots of wealth.

Based on the Vimshottari Dasha system, Mr. Trump will be in Jupiter-Mercury-Moon-Saturn periods at the time of the election.  Looking at the dasa planets position, this is not a good period for Mr. Trump. Mahadasa dasa lord Jupiter is placed in 2nd house Kanya.  In his Dasamsa chart, Jupiter is Neecha in 12th indicating some loss/waste in his career. Jupiter is also 12th in Navamsa which is not helpful in this period. The antardasa lord Mercury being 2nd and 11th and is placed in own house Mithuna which is very good, but this will not help him win the election. Mr. Trump's Moon, however, is lord of 12th and is neecha in 4th house Vrischika which is bad even though in Neecha bhanga rajayoga may not help him to win the election. Sookshma antardasa Saturn who is lord of 7th and 6th is placed in the 12th house(waste/loss) which is also owned by his enemy Moon, he is with friendly planet Venus, however, this house is also an enemy’s house to Venus this is not helpful. Saturn being very weak and lord of 6th, will make victory over enemies harder for Mr. Trump in this period.  Overall, this period will not be very helpful to Mr. Trump.

Saturn has a powerful 3rd aspect on Jupiter, this will cause some hardships in this Dasha. Moon is being aspected by Rahu and Sun, Sun and Rahu are aspected by Jupiter who is being aspected by Saturn, this combination may make Moon quite powerful in general, but an inimical tertiary aspect of Saturn is not helpful. Moon is also aspected by Mars with a powerful 4th aspect. Sun's friendly aspect on Moon is a helping point to this, being the lord of Lagna and being very powerful and karaka for government and politics. Samaya scores for planets involved with Dashas are bad and do not support a winning raja yogas.

Thus, despite some good combinations which helped him win in 2016, the present period does not show a winning combination for Mr. Trump.

As per data available, Mr. Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942, 08:30, in Scranton Pennsylvania.

          Mr. Joe Biden has Vruchika Lagna, with 10th house lord Sun in lagna. This is helpful for career in politics as Sun represents success in government and Sun is in a very friendly house and it will yield good results. Lagna also has 7th and 12th houses lord Venus. Thus, all Kendra lords are in Lagna and seventh house indicating a very good combination. In the 12th house Tula, Mars and Mercury reside in Venus’ house and Venus is in Mars' house. This Parivartana yoga will yield good results for the first house, sixth house, and the twelfth houses and other planets in them. In the 4th house, there is Ketu. In the 6th house the Moon is placed in the friendly house Mesha, this can give good success over enemies in Moon or Mars periods as Moon is lord of the 9th house(Kona), and is being aspected by Mars who is well associated and is aspecting his own house. In the 7th house there is Saturn being aspected by Mars' powerful 8th aspect indicating accidents occurring to his spouse. As it is known, he lost his wife in a car accident. 9th house has exalted Jupiter. Jupiter is aspecting lagna and tenth lord giving partial bhagya-rajya adhipati yoga indicating good power. This will help him get a good position of power and wealth as Jupiter is lord of 2nd (wealth) and 5th (ruling). The 10th house is occupied by Rahu. Moon has a friendly aspect on Mars. Mars has a neutral aspect on Saturn and Saturn has a neutral aspect on Jupiter, this will be helpful for Jupiter. Jupiter's strength for Ashtakavarga is 7 points, this is 50% stronger than average (4.66 for this chart); Jupiter will yield very good results.

Based on the Vimshatorri Dasha system, the period Mr. Biden goes through at the time of the election is Jupiter-Rahu-Venus-Mars. The mahadasa lord Jupiter is good as he is exalted in the 9th house which indicates getting power and all types of wealth. Jupiter is also exalted in the 10th house in the Navamsa chart. In Dasamsa chart, Jupiter is in his own 6th house which represents defeating opponents /enemies. Antardasa of Rahu is alos positive as he is placed in 10th house of career and authority and gives the properties of tenth lord sun. Pratyantardasa of Venus is placed in lagna with Sun who is lord of 10th which is for career and is in a parivartana yoga with Lagna lord Mars giving temporary friendship and this is very helpful. Mars who is lord of 8th and 11th (gains) and is aspected by friendly planet Moon from Mars' own 6th house. Mars is also in kendra from exalted Jupiter forming Guru-Mangala yoga, besides Chandra-Mangala yoga and Gaja-kesari yoga. The period during election time is Guru-Rahu-Venus-Mars and these yogas give a winning combination.

Samaya scores for planets involved with Dashas are good. This period is overall helpful to Mr. Biden and will help him win the election. At the time of the election, Mr. Joe Biden's 10th lord Sun and 7th & 12th lord Venus will be in neecha; however, this will affect Mr. Trump more during this period.

Summarizing, the election will be tough fight, but Mr. Biden has an edge over Mr. Trump and is likely to win. Let us hope that the competition will not be so tough that we have a repeat of the 2000 presidential election and the outcome has to be determined by something like having to count chads.

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