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Dr. A.P. Rao

Dr A.P.Rao popularly known as Dr.Prajarao, has 50 years experience in Vedic Astrology and was one of the earliest astrologers to develop and use computer software for astrological calculations. He has doctorate in both astrology and chemical engineering. He is an Adjunct faculty at Hindu University of America, Orlando.

He has over 40 years of experience as a Chemical Engineering in academic, scientific & industrial research and management. He served as a professor at IIT and has guided around 50 students in research for Ph.D, MS and M.Tech. He also served as a Principal of a reputed Engineering college. He worked as head of R&D and held many top management positions in leading Public and Private organizations. He is a top-tier expert member in several National and International committees in diverse fields sych as Fertilizers, Metallurgy, Chemical and Environmental Sciences and is a visiting Professor at several Universities

Born in an Andhra family, he is conversant with Vedic scriptures and Upanishads and has complete knowledge of Vedic Astrology. He is a celebrity astrologer with many accurate and startling predictions to his credit. He was a regular columnist and panel astrologer with the name of Dr Prajarao for the popular websites sify.com and astrojyoti.com. Astrology is a hobby and service for Dr. Rao.


Radhika Kothuri

Born into an Andhra family, Radhika Kothuri hails from the metropolitan city of Hyderabad and currently lives in Silicon Valley. She has an MBA, with a concentration in Human Resources, and has worked with a public sector organization for 17 years. She has more than 17 years of experience in Vedic Astrology, holds a Masters Degree in Jyotisha, and was one of Dr. Rao’s best students. She was a panel astrologer for Astrojyoti.com, 5trades.com and contributed to monthly predictions on nritoday.net.

She has also completed Sanskrit courses from Saraswati Vidya Parishad and was a member in the Vedanta Study group at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She actively takes part in volunteering for the community and enjoys showcasing her Carnatic music training through performances in the Bay Area. In addition to astrology, she has immense interest and passion for astronomy, Sanatana Dharmic scriptures, and Telugu poetry. She is a published author of 2 Telugu poetry books and maintains a poetry blog at  www.radhikaramaneeyam.com