This is an elemental astrology course, which acts as a strong foundation for all astrology learners. Our Extensive Course is a longer, more comprehensive program.

The Executive Course includes 8 lectures (2 hours each). 

Approach & Methodology:

  1. Extensive notes in the form of Word doc/PowerPoint slides/Excel etc. will be provided.
  2. We will be delivering 2-hour lectures on weekends through an online conference room (Skype, Zoom, etc.). The conference room will provide an interactive interface for students, aiding in the understanding of the material.
  3. Lecture timings will be decided based on participant location & time zones.
  4. Individual learning focus will be provided so students can discuss topics in the classroom chat or clarify doubts via email.
  5. The lecture can be recorded as an MP3 and saved as PowerPoint slides.
  6. Students are expected to spend approximately 2-4 hours/week for review and homework.
  7. Students will be taught how to use astrology software. This will enable students to accurately and rapidly cast horoscopes, which would take hundreds of hours to complete if done manually.
  8. As this is an Executive Course, only the functional use of the software will be discussed and taught so that students are able to understand and predict charts in general. Theory and comprehensive usage will only be covered in the Extensive Course. 
  9. If a student misses a lecture, the recording of the class and the slides presented during the session will be shared with them. The material will also be discussed personally through email/ chat.
  10. Class notes will be shared with students before the lecture. Every student is expected to thoroughly study and understand the notes to be able to succeed in the class.


Module 1- Foundational

  • Division of Space- units of division, 360 degrees of the zodiac,12 houses, 27 stars
  • Division of Time- units of division, micro-level, macro-level, days from creation/Kaliyuga
  • Sayana & Nirayan systems: solar & lunar calendars.
  • Panchanga - the five elements
  • Names of years, Rutus, solar months, lunar months, Tithis, Yogas, Karanas
  • Astrology chart calculations - the South Indian, East Indian, & North Indian systems of charting
  • Planets- their motion, common names, and other properties
  • Planetary Karakatvas & house relationships.
  • Houses and Bhavas - their properties, friendships, strengths, Varga charts
  • The 12 Bhavas- significance
  • Planets- Naisargika friendships, positional friendships, resultant friendships
  • Effect of planets in various signs
  • Planets in various houses
  • House lords in various houses & planets in various Varga charts with aspect results
  • The Rajayogas- their origin and logic
  • Rajayoga planets for different Lagnas
  • Rajayogas for name, fame, riches, power, & authority
  • Amsa concept and different Amsas- 6,7,10
  • Predictive techniques
  • Timing of events

Module 2- Special Predictive Techniques

  1. Ashtakavarga
  2. Shadbalas
  3. Solar return horoscope
  4. Vedic remedial measures

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