Radhika mam has deep knowledge of astrology. this is seen by her accurate predictions, not only about me but even for my daughters. in addition to astrology , radhika mam also serves as my life compass. sometimes, when i have questions for which i can't find an answer, radhika mam directs me to guiding principles of life. i am blessed to be connected with her


Ms. radhika has deep knowledge of vedic astrology that can greatly benefit people seeking information for decision making. i've been a loyal customer for 5+ years due to her ability to guide you through accurate predictions. in addition to this, she has a genuine willingness to help her customers that are more than likely reaching out during challenging times. take the next step and request a reading from ms. radhika!

I would like to thank radhika kothuri for her genuine insights and guidance into our horoscope. given our panic situation, she has timely and personally helped us with the questions. she has provided us with detailed answers which greatly helped us in planning for our situation. she provided the detailed dasa analysis for our entire family. this gave the awareness and perspective of the next three years. along with the context she has also helped us with the remedies. we clearly saw the facts as predicted by her and how the remedies helped us reduce the severity of the situation. in some of the cases it also helped us avoid the problem. for example, she alerted us with upcoming health issues and the remedies to deal with issues. we are so lucky to find radhika through our friend’s reference and feel so grateful for the time and effort she provided to us timely. we highly recommend everyone to take her help and lead a happier life.

I would give sreemata jyotishalaya a 5 star rating. as there prediction is accurate and correct. and to mention radika garu are friendly and flexible. and would reply back to all my questions without fail. moreover whatever she suggested was always helpful. finally she truly cares about her clients????. and thank you so much for suggesting me with valuable information. i will always look forward to ask you more. thanks for always helping me

Dearest radhika ever since our first interactions many years ago, i have consistently been amazed at the gift you possess in predictions and reading charts. on a personal level, your excellent advice has helped myself and all my family members; more recently for investments in my chart where i had previously never recognised the potential. i cannot thank you enough for all the guidance over the years and can only say that i am blessed to have known you for all these years.

Radhika , a big thank you for your kind help and providing guidance with astrological predictions to lead my life. i met radhika in a music concert and from then , she became a family member and a good friend . 1. she first told about me and my prediction and it was perfectly true and i followed her guidelines to improve my outspoken habit and also applied the same in my carrier to lead a better life . 2.after that she told predictions to my cousins, both were working separate states and with her astrological suggestions and followed puja's, they both now came to one place and leading married life happily. before rahdika's predictions, even they were married for 5 years, they were working in 2 different states and with radhika's great help and astrological predictions, they followed puja and fasting guidelines and came to one state (texas) and living happily. with radhika's predictions, myself and my husband got benefited very much and also settled in our jobs successfully. she also said predictions to my sister's son, who is a cricketer and now he selected to state team. overall i and my family for any problem, we will reach her and take her suggestions and guidance to lead life happily. with this note, i would highly recommend her and she is very soft-spoken and always speaks nicely.