One Important Area Of Life

Astrology is a guiding factor in life that helps us make appropriate and opportune decisions. Though we all like to be masters of our own destiny, there are always factors that we have no control over. For example everyone is born with specific innate talents. If we make a career choice that goes directly against or does not utilize our innate talents, we are likely to experience struggles in our career path. With the guidance of Vedic Astrology, you can be made aware of the positive and negative trends in various aspects of your life. In the report, we will provide detailed information about your strengths, weaknesses,& rajayogas. This will give you insights into your own personality, so you can use your personality traits to your advantage and improve various aspects of your life.

In the prediction report you will be given:

1. A detailed horoscope with Rasi and Amsa charts
2. General analysis of the chart covering all areas like health, career, finance, etc
3. Information about your raja yogas, shadbala strengths, ashtakavarga etc
4. Detailed vimshottari dasha analysis for the present mahadasa with focus placed on one specific area of your life
5. Remedies where required to reduce any negative impacts on life

In the order form, please state the one area you would like for us to focus on for this analysis. Please also provide any related details so we have the necessary context about the chosen focus area.

Price Details : 50

Service Details

  •  Predictions will be sent by email in approximately 20 business days.
  •  - Unless otherwise specified (one year family package, marriage compatibility, muhurta determination II), each service is only for an individual chart
  •  Please contact us if you are looking to create a new multi-person or family package. We will try our best to work with you on an individual basis

If interested in any other services not mentioned above, please contact us.