Solar Eclipse - April 20th, 2023

The solar eclipse on April 20th, 2023 is a Total Solar Eclipse.  This eclipse is also known as the Hybrid solar eclipse or Ningaloo Eclipse.  The path of total eclipse passes through a remote peninsula of Western Australia, North West Cape.  This eclipse is partially visible in South/East Asia, parts of Australia, Pacific ocean, Indian ocean, and Antarctica.

What is Hybrid Solar Eclipse

This is a unique solar eclipse with a combination of both total and annular eclipses.  This is formed when Moon’s shadow will fall on the Earth, partially blocking the Sun’s rays and creating a beautiful ring of fire around the moon. 

Eclipse timings:                                  

Full eclipse begins at         2:37:08 UTC time    7:05 IST time

Maximum eclipse at           4:16:53 UTC time 

End of full eclipse at           5:56:43 UTC time    12:29 IST time

Impact of Solar Eclipse in general and at individual level:

The eclipse is forming in Ashwini nakshatra, in Mesha rasi.  The Sun in Mesha is going to be with Mercury, Moon, Rahu and Jupiter joining them the next day forming Guru chandala yoga and Saturn aspecting all these planets, the impact will be felt more around the world, even though it is a Total Solar Eclipse and not visible in many parts of the world.  The effects of this eclipse can be felt for around 4 – 6 months.

Basically, those born in Ashwini nakshatra or those with their Sun, Rahu, or Ketu in Mesha in their natal chart or if they have Mesha or Tula as ascendants or if one is going through Sun mahadasa or its antardasa, Rahu  mahadasa or its antardasa, Moon mahadasa or its antardasa, may feel this eclipse affect more. 

Effects of solar eclipse in general are:

  1. Indecisiveness by higher politicians affects people in general.
  2. Endemic or sudden rare health ailments again will manifest.
  3. Leaders will take sudden risky decisions
  4. The economy will be hit badly because of wrong financial decisions by heads/dignitaries of nations.
  5. Natural calamities like earthquake and floods will cause severe loss
  6. Stock markets will see great volatility.
  7. Few nations will even try planning war strategies or support nations that are already in war-like situations.

Effects of the solar eclipse at individual level are:

There will be a decisive shift in energy, restlessness and a type of recklessness will be felt in people.  At a personal level Mesha rasi and Tula rasi natives may face unexpected events or changes that can be difficult to veer through. They tend to overestimate their knowledge, and skills and may face some embarrassing situations.  Care is also advised while driving and climbing heights or handling fire or sharp objects.


  1. As this eclipse is occurring in Mesha Rasi, these rasi natives should try to follow satwik lifestyle for next 41 days.
  2. Recite Aditya Hrudayam on April 20th.
  3. Recite mahamrutyunjaya stotram on april 20th
  4. Take a head bath before and after the eclipse.


  1. Avoid taking up any auspicious or important works after April 20th for at least one week.
  2. Avoid cooking or eating during the solar eclipse period, as the food will not get digested.
  3. Avoid sleeping during this graham period.
  4. Pregnant women should avoid getting exposed to sunlight during eclipse time.