Planetary Transits & Imp. Dates –  April, 2023

Planetary Transits:

Meene Ravi                       March 15th to Apr 14th

Vrishabhe Ravi                  April 14th to May 15th

Mithune Kuja                    March 13th to May 10th

Meshe Budha                    March 31st to June 7th

Meshe Budha                    Retrograde April 21st – May 14th  

Meshe Shukra                    March 13th to April 6th

Vrishabhe Shukra              April 6th to May 2nd

Meshe Guru                      April 22nd, 2023 to May 1st, 2024


New and Full Moon:

Pournami (Full Moon)

Chaitra Pournami – April 4th 8:49 pm to April 5th 9:34 pm (USA PST)

Chaitra Pournami – April 5th 9:19 am to April 6th 10:04 am(India)

Amavasya (New Moon)- 

Vaishakha Amavasya – April 18th 10:53 pm to April 19th 9:11 pm(USA PST)

Vaishakha Amavasya –April 19th 11:23 am to April 20th 9:41 am (India)


                                       USA (PST)                 India

Hanuman Jayanthi             April 5th                  April 6th

Akshaya Tritiya                 April 22nd                April 22nd