Monthly Rasiphala - June




Planetary Transits:

Vrishabhe Budha direct on June 3rd

Kumbhe Shani retrograde on June 5th

Mithune Ravi June 15th

Vrihabhe Shukra June 18th

Meshe Kuja June 27th


Mesha Rasi (Aries): Aswini, Bharani and Krittika 1st pada

June is a favourable monthly financially. You will improve your network and will be active on social media. Heavy work will continue keeping you busy.  Work related travel will be there. Teachers, architects, graphic designers, media and accounts personal will do very well.  During first half of the month you need to be conscious of your speech.  Health of your child requires care during first half of the month.  Sale or purchase of a property is likely. You will visit sibling/cousins.  Family get together will make you happy.   First half of the month is a lean period for students whereas, second half will be good for those pursuing masters and research. Those who appeared for competitive exams will get positive results. Businessmen will get new contracts. Those in food, hotel, home maintenance, jewelry and real estate business will do very well.  Those dealing in Government contracts may not meet the deadline. Love is in the air and some you are likely to get into a romantic relationship. Unmarried will tie the knot during first half of the month.  Artists will get good platform to show case their talents.  You will receive good news from grandparents. You will receive costly gifts from elders. Journey on vacation will make you happy. Ear, nose, eye ailments along with Indigestion, acid reflux and pain in the feet will cause inconvenience. 


Vrishabha Rasi(Taurus): Krittika 2,3,4; Rohini; Mrigasira 1& 2:

June is a mixed period. You will feel restless, due to opinion differences with friends and family members on even minor matters.  Heavy work on job will keep you on toes.  There will be slight delay in meeting project deadline. This is a favourable month for politicians.  Expenditure will increase on self and gifts for near and dear. You will receive gifts as well.  Avoid giving unasked advise to siblings. Your child progress will make you proud and happy.  A very favourable period for artists and authors. Artists will get recognition and awards during this month.  Some of you will show interest in learning occult sciences. Unmarried will get good marriage proposals. Spouse will be supportive to those married.  You will attend spouse side relatives functions. Students will do well during this month.  Inspite of initial lethargic nature, students will catch up fast.  Ranks in competitive exams will be good.  Investments will give gains during this month.  Business will continue to be good.  Some of you will join a new business. Teeth, vision, pain in knees, and arthritis pains may cause inconvenience.  You have to keep a watch on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well.

Mithuna Rasi(Gemini): Mrigasira 3, 4; Arudra; Punarvasu 1,2 and 3

June is financially prosperous period. At work first half of the month is much better.  Some of you will receive awards at work place. Travel on work is likely.  Your advise will be sought by both colleagues and higher-ups. Teachers, scientists, journalists and economists will get good jump in the job and responsibilities. Any pending real estate matters will see progress after first week of the month. Health of your child may require care.  There can be communication gap with their children for some. Journeys will be fruitful.   You will purchase costly gifts for sister.  You may have to take major family decisions during third week of the month, which may stress you a lot. Those in embassy and law enforcement will get to work on important projects.  Business will be good.  Some of you will get good contracts with new clients.  Some of you will make plans to join another business.  This will give good profits in the long run. Artists and theatre personnel will be in the news for wrong reasons.  Headache, skin allergies, leg related ailments and back pain may cause inconvenience.  Diabetics and those with RA need to take extra care of diet/exercise.

Karkataka Rasi(Cancer): Punarvasu 4; Pushya, Aslesha

June is a mixed period in relationship. Heavy work and higher responsibilities will keep you very busy.  Those in the jobs related to agricultural products, automobile, and electronics will get promotion. There may be differences of opinion with female colleagues. This is a favourable month for both politicians and professionals. Finances will be good, expenditure also will be more on entertainment.  Investments will show some growth.  Any pending Government works will see progress during second half of the month. Family and friends get togethers will keep your social calendar busy.  You will receive good news from your sibling.  You will actively take part in religious activities. Business will be good.  But, there will be delay in meeting client requirements.  Self employed will do very well.  Your child progress will make you happy. Some of you will inherit property. An acquaintance may lead to romantic relationship for some. Health of spouse requires care. Students will do well at academics as well as in competitive exams. Pain in the limbs, vision ailment, renal ailment and headaches may cause inconvenience.

Simha Rasi (Leo): Makha, Purvaphalguni(pubba), Uttaraphalguni 1:

June will be a positive month at work.  There will be support from higher-ups and your suggestions will be appreciated by colleagues.  Politicians will gain support from party officials.  Those working in public handling departments in Government will get promotion.  Finances will be good.  Investments will be neutral.  There will be profits from sale of asset. There may be differences with sister. Health requires utmost care while on journeys and in doing water sports. Students may not get expected results in competitive exams. But, will do well in academics.  Business will improve during third week of the month.  Those in petroleum, metals and leather business will get new clients. During first half of the month there may be hurdles and delay in meeting the client requirements. In the process of helping friends you will shoulder heavy responsibility and may not be able to complete the works resulting in stress. Indigestion, menstrual disturbance for women, and nerve pain/ligament tear in the legs may cause inconvenience.

Kanya Rasi (Virgo): Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4; Hasta; Chitta 1,2:

June is a mixed period.  A slightly testing period for your patience.  There may be differences of opinion with spouse side relatives.  Situation will slightly be better during third week of the month.  You will receive gifts from elders. Health requires care while on journeys.  Heavy work will keep you on toes for most part of the month.  Avoid any serious arguments with team members.  This is a favourable period for those in law and order, armed forces, investigative journalists and attorneys. There will be growth in responsibility and power which will make you happy.  Avoid giving unasked advise to sister. Artists will get an opportunity to perform their talent. Students will get average grades. Some of you will get an opportunity to participate in sports at next level. One of your child health may be delicate during first week of the month.  Second half of the month is favourable for those couple planning for a child. Unmarried will get good marriage alliances during first half of the month.  Those in romantic relationship may part ways. There may be severe attitude differences in marital life. Business will do good.  There may be differences with business partners during first half of the month.  This is not a favourable period to join a new business or invest more in the present business. Renal ailment, private part ailment, fluctuations in blood pressure, indigestion, fever and low back pack will cause inconvenience.

Tula Rasi(Libra):  Chitta 3,4, Swati; Vishaka 1,2 & 3:

June is very active period.  At work you may have to put in double the effort to complete a single task.  A favourable period for those in marketing, human resource, and management areas. Professionals will get new clientele after 15th of the month. Throughout the month your mood will be very volatile.  You will be in a frame of mind not to accept anything at its face value.  This will result in differences with immediate and extended family members along with team members at work.  Expenditure on close family members will be more.  Health of spouse requires care.  Business will be good, but there will be severe differences with partners which will result in restlessness and you may take some risky decisions. Those dealing with rare artifacts, gems and textile designing will new clientele.  Students will get good grades in academics as well as ranks in competitive exams. Those in romantic relationship may part ways.  There will be differences with spouse due to either side extended family interference.  Fever, low back pain, below abdomen ailment, and teeth ailments may cause inconvenience.  Those planning to undergo surgery may better postpone it for another month or take a second opinion.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio): Vishaka 4 Anuradha; Jyeshta

June is financially a better period.    Heavy work along with additional responsibilities at job will create stress.  There will be growth in job but a transfer which is not to your liking may also be there. Ego in speech will continue to be there. During second half of the month extra care in written correspondence need to be exercised. There are high chances of one of your confident colleague back biting you.    Your social calendar will be busy.  Business will be better after 15th of the month. Those in family business need to be slightly careful in financial matters. Self employed may face delays in all the matters till 15th later on situation will improve.  Pharmaceutical, chemical and hardware businessmen will do well compared to others. Students will get good grades.  Some of you will get scholarships during second half of the month. In social gatherings it is better to think twice before passing any comments. Investments will give profits. Unmarried will get good alliances.  Health of spouse requires care. You are prone to Indigestion, swelling in the groin area, appendicitis, acid reflux, and renal ailments.

Dhanus Rasi (Saggitarius): Moola; Purvashada: Uttarashada 1

June is a positive and prosperous period.  High activity at work will keep you busy.  Travle on work is likely. There will be growth in income.  Finances also look bright.  You will receive good news from spouse side relatives. Those working in medical and public handling positions need to be careful in their written and verbal communication. As, even a minor mistake may prove costly.   Health of seniors may be delicate during first half of the month.  Students will get seat in a prestigious institute during third week of the month.  Students will show more interest in extra curricular activities.  Care is advised while making any new investments during this month.  There may be communication gap or concerns of your children.  Business will be good.  New clients and contracts will come your way.    There may be some differences with partners for those working in family business. Back pain, respiratory ailments, skin rashes and acid reflux may cause inconvenience.  Fluctuations in blood sugar levels and blood pressure may cause severe inconvenience for diabetics.

Makara Rasi(Capricorn): Uttarashada 2,3 &4 ;Sravana; Dhanista 1 & 2

June is a dynamic period at work. This is a favourable period for consultants, freelance journalists, financial analysts, and surgeons. Those seeking to change job will get good opportunities towards last week of the month. Pending official enquiries will further drag on. Ill feelings and bad relationship issues both at work as well as at personal end will ease out towards fourth week of the month. There will be repair to vehicle/asset.  Students will do very well during third and fourth week of the month.  Science, art and computer students may do well at exams. This is a favourable period for sports personnel.  Health of one of the parent may be delicate. Unmarried will tie the knot towards month end.  Inspite of positive events happening you tend to feel stressed for most part of the month.  You will attend social get togethers during first half of the month. Any pending ancestral property litigation issues will be resolved.  Avoid purchasing a property during this period.

Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius): Dhanista 3 & 4; Shatabhisha; Purvabhadra 1, 2 &3

June month is a financially prosperous period.  Students will do well at studies. But, the ranks in the competitive exams may not be as expected. Those planning to travel abroad on higher studies will get a good opportunity.  Heavy work, deadlines and competition will make work environment stressful.  You will try to manage it well though. Those seeking to change jobs will get good opportunity towards last week. Business in general will be good towards third week of the month. Those in family business may face some differences.  Forgotten government matters will turn up and you may have to pay late payment dues for the same.  You will purchase costly gifts for the better half.  You will receive long pending dues from distant cousin. Unmarried will tie the knot during second half of the month. Health of one of your sister may be delicate. Your child progress will make you happy. Shoulder, teeth, chest and stomach ailments may cause inconvenience. Avoid spicy and oily food.

Meena Rasi(Pisces): Purvabhadra 4; Uttarabhadra: Revathi

June is favourable period at work.  But, it is a slightly testing period in your relationship.  You need to be very careful in all your written and verbal communication, as you may be misunderstood easily.  June is a favourable period for students.  You will get through with flying colours in all the exams.  Research students will get good funding.  Some of you will get an opportunity to represent your schools at the international level. There will be growth in income at job.  Your advice will be sought by colleagues.  You will be forced to take up heavy work load which may show upon your health towards month end.  Family and work place relationships will be downhill.  Business will be good.  You will take risky decisions against your partner wishes.  Those in family business may better lie low  as your ideas may not be appreciated. This is favourable period for small scale and self-employed businessmen. Artists and those in fine arts related business will get good opportunity to showcase their talent.  Journeys on vacation will be there. Those in romantic relationship may have severe differences during the first half of the month. The spouse will be supportive. Vision, teeth ailments, low energy, inflammation, and renal ailments may cause inconvenience.