May - 2020




Dr.A.P.Rao and Mrs.Radhika Kothuri

 Planetary Transits:

Kumbhe Kuja May 4th

Vrishabhe Budha May 9th

Vrishabhe Ravi May 14th

Mithune Budha May 24th


Mesha Rasi (Aries): Aswini, Bharani and Krittika 1st pada

May is a financially prosperous period. There will be income from various sources.  Profits through investments is also seen. Ego in your dealings may bring differences with family and friends. Your overconfidence and strong speech will bring issues with team members and higher officials. There will be profits from Investments. Your work atmosphere will be very active and competitive. You tend to carry work related stress to home. Students will do very well in competitive exams. Lethargic nature coupled with overconfidence will cause you to miss important opportunities such as internships and important jobs. The second and third weeks of the month are favorable times to purchase or sell a property. You may experience low energy and low grade fever may also be present during the second week of the month. Arthritic pain in the knee, vision, and tooth ailments will cause severe inconvenience. There may be attitude differences with spouse. Unmarried individuals may get good proposals. Business will continue to prosper.  Self-employed will get good contracts. Those in business with government agencies will see steep improvement.

Vrishabha Rasi(Taurus): Krittika 2,3,4; Rohini; Mrigasira 1& 2:

Finances continues to be good throughout the month inspite of increase in expenditure.  At work, your seniors will be very supporting. You will get to be in charge of a new project of your liking. Individuals employed in creative fields like graphic designing, architecture, interior design, and media will get ample recognition and a promotion.  For politicians, the first half of the month will be good. Investments will be erratic. You will receive good news from your sibling during the first week of the month.  After the 15th, sharp speech and amplified ego may place you in tricky situations amongst social groups. This ego may result in differences with your children as well. Minor mistakes in correspondence at work may lead to inquiries at work place. Married life will be good. Science students will get good ranks in competitive exams. Students currently in engineering, medicine, and telecommunication will get their desired jobs. Business will continue to do well. Some of you will try to enhance business and reinvest, if so it is better to do this during the second half of the month. Realtors will do well during the first half of the month.  Stomach ailments, low energy, and headaches may cause inconvenience. You will become more philosophical and try to involve more religious related debates.

Mithuna Rasi(Gemini): Mrigasira 3, 4; Arudra; Punarvasu 1,2 and 3

May will give slight ups and downs in career. Finances will improve from the second week of the month. Investments will be profitable. There may be some concerns related your work atmosphere. Large work load and a delay in projects may cause stress. Progress in your child’s life will make you happy. Businesses will see a slight slump. There may be differences with your partners which might cause you to part ways with them during the first week of the month. Consumer goods, agriculture, and manufacturing businesses will see a downtrend in business. Any pending government work will be cleared. Differences with paternal elders will be amicably resolved before the 15th. You will receive good news from a sibling. You will start to spend more on yourself and those who are close to you. Towards the last week of the month, you will start thinking about future saving avenues and which may cause you to over save and regret this decision later. Students appearing for competitive exams during the first half of the month will do very well. High blood pressure, cholesterol, and renal ailments may cause severe inconvenience.  Spouse health also requires care. 

Karkataka Rasi(Cancer): Punarvasu 4; Pushya, Aslesha

May is overall a good period. There will be growth in your career. You will have an impressive impression on your higher-ups. Inspite of tough competition, you will win over your colleagues. Although you might have a heavy workload, you will feel respected and happy at your job. May is a favorable period for those in government services and in power.  Professionals will get good clientele. Investment in government bonds and bullion will be profitable.  Child health may be a concern during the second half of the month. There may be differences of opinion with partners in business. Those in banking and stock market related businesses will do very well. Your health and that of your spouse might require extra care. Arthritis, back ache, and renal ailments like anal fissures may cause inconvenience.  Sports persons will get good opportunity to represent their team internationally. Artists will get a very good platform to showcase their talent.  Students will get good ranks in competitive exams.

Simha Rasi (Leo): Makha, Purvaphalguni(pubba), Uttaraphalguni 1:

May is a financially prosperous period.  You will be able to comfortably handle an extra work load with responsibility. Those trying to change their job may face some delays.  This is a favorable period for surgeons, attorneys, and finance officials. This is also a favorable period for your spouse’s career as well. You will receive good news from your sister.  Avoid any serious discussions with younger sibling.  You will perform a religious function at home.  There may be differences of opinion with friends.  Business will be neutral, it is better to avoid any further investments in businesses for the next two months.  There may be a delay in meeting your clients’ needs.  After the first week of the month, there may be differences with your spouse.  Students will get good grades. Those appearing for science and mathematics competitive exams will do very well. Investments will bring profits. Pregnant ladies need to take extra care of health. Indigestion and pain in low back/limbs will cause severe inconvenience. Uterus related ailments may be present for women.

Kanya Rasi (Virgo): Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4; Hasta; Chitta 1,2:

Finances look good during this month.  At work there may be a change in role and responsibility.  During the second half of the month, work will be hectic. Some may experience sudden beneficial transfers. Investments will bring profits. Extra care may be needed for your health during the first half of the month. Nerve related ailments and inflammation will cause inconvenience. Pregnant women needs to take extra care of their health. You will receive some money from government agency. Child health may be delicate.  Business will be neutral.  Those in finance, media, and jewelry related businesses will do better.  You will participate in religious activities after the 15th of the month. Your spouse will be very supportive of your endeavors. A temporary workplace relationship may develop. High expectations for your child may cause differences of opinion with them. You will improve your network, which will come handy in the long run. 

Tula Rasi(Libra):  Chitta 3,4, Swati; Vishaka 1,2 & 3:

May is a slightly difficult period for you in all your relationships.  There may be differences with family members and relatives. This may also extend to your spouse causing this to be a stressful period.  You will be unable to take a firm decisions at your job.  The first week of the month is better than the rest. There may be differences with higher ups.  It is better to lay low and go with the flow during this month, as situations will settle down soon. You may feel restless for a large portion of the month due to a large work load and a delay in the completion of pending work. Acid reflux, heat blisters, and nerve related pain in the back may cause severe inconvenience.  Investment in government bonds will be favorable. At business second half of the month is better.  There may be delays in meeting customer needs.  You will receive unexpected income such as long pending dues from friends or relatives. Income will be good but expenditure also may increase.  There may be communication gap with your child. Students will get good grades in general, however, extra effort is required for competitive exams. 

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio): Vishaka 4 Anuradha; Jyeshta

May is a mixed period for you.  Heavy work will keep you busy and stressed for most part of the month. There may be differences of opinion with colleagues and extended family members.  Any job related legal enquiries will be cleared in your favour. This is a favorable period for doctors, researchers, engineers, professors, and finance officials.   Students will get average grades. Ranks in the competitive exams may not be up to your expectations.  After the 14th, you may have to keep a check on your sharp tongue.  Business will continue to be good.  You may get government contracts.  Consumer goods businessmen will do much better.  Your father’s health may be delicate towards the last week of the month. Unmarried individuals will get good marriage proposals. There may be differences with your life partner. Pain in the shoulders, lung infection, indigestion, and acid reflux may cause inconvenience. Those with diabetes and high blood pressure need to keep a constant watch on their diet and exercise.

 Dhanus Rasi (Saggitarius): Moola; Purvashada: Uttarashada 1

May is a positive and active month at work.  Your hard work will be recognized by higher-ups.  Those seeking a job change will get an opportunity.  Politicians will gain support of their party and the public, however, there may be some unexpected results for politicians.  Some of you will receive costly gifts from maternal elders.  You will receive good news from a sister. Investments will give monetary gains. Students will do well in their academics as well as in their extracurricular activities.  Those attempting any competitive exams will get good scores. There will be progress in pending legal matters.  Business will look better towards the last week of the month. Wholesalers may face delays in meeting customers’ needs.  Chronic health patients of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroid need to take extra care of health.  You will purchase jewelry and electronic items to improve your home. Those who are unmarried will get good marriage proposals. 


Makara Rasi(Capricorn): Uttarashada 2,3 &4 ;Sravana; Dhanista 1 & 2

May is a mixed period. Differences of opinion with siblings, relatives, and friends may be present.  Inspite of good income, you will feel insecure and will try to save more than you can actually afford to. Those in creative fields will continue to do well.  Graphic designers, architects, and journalists will get raise in salary or a small reward for their great work.  Politicians may face differences from within their party.  Relationship with allied parties may be strained. Those in visual performing arts  will get recognition for their talent.  Children progress will make you happy. You tend to be straight forward in your speech which may not be appreciated by those that are close to you.  Business will be neutral. Import/Export, food/beverage, and costly metal businessmen will do much better. Respiratory, skin ailments, and acid reflux may cause inconvenience. Health of mother may be delicate. Unmarried will get good proposal.

Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius): Dhanista 3 & 4; Shatabhisha; Purvabhadra 1, 2 &3

May is financially a prosperous period.  A favorable period for doctors, surgeons, and IT professionals.  Those planning to change job may get opportunity. At work there may be differences with higher-ups about important projects. You will experience a shortness of temper. Business in general will be good.  During the second half of the month there may be delay in meeting business targets. You will purchase items of convenience/electronic items for home. Health of your child may be delicate.  Those in ongoing relationship will tie the knot.  There may be differences with your spouse side relatives. Students will do very well at exams.  But the ranks in competitive exam may not be upto their expectations. Diabetic and arthritis patients need to take extra care of health.  Swelling of glands in the throat and ENT ailments may cause inconvenience. Pregnant ladies need to take extra care of health.  Authors will write good articles and receive acclaim.

Meena Rasi(Pisces): Purvabhadra 4; Uttarabhadra: Revathi

May is a positive period.  Those in teaching, finance, media, and intelligence services will do well.  You should constantly check your verbal communication as elders in the family and higher-ups at work may get offended.  Your creativity is seen in every work you do.  Finances look good, expenditure is equally more.  You will actively participate in volunteering activities.  You will handle even difficult situation with positive attitude.  Love is in the air and chances of developing new relationship is more likely.  Spouse will be supportive.  Students will do very well at studies.  Those pursuing higher studies in fine arts, theatre art, and audio engineering will get fantastic opportunities. There may be concerns related to your sibling.  Heavy work will make you restless and sleep may evade you.  Knee cap pains, inflammation, and respiratory ailments may cause severe inconvenience. Business will give profits. Consultancy, consumer goods, media, electronics, and pharmaceutical businessmen will do well.