Mrs.Radhika K and Dr A.P.Rao PhD ( Astrology) PhD (IIT)

Till   2020-01-03

There will be very useful and constaructive talks both with in USA and outside friends and this is likely to lead to a very fruitful and constructive relationships and improve trade and finance. The markets will be bullisha and many IPOs are likely to be coming into market successfully.

From 2020-01-03  -  2020-01-08

In this period there may be some industrial unrest and even accidents leading to production losses and financial losses. This may especially hit exports of manufactured items and ruining the sentiments in markets for manufacturing industries. There may be stary incidents of violence in schools.

From 2020-01-08  -  2020-01-13

This is a good period for the administration and there might be some delas made with opposition regarding some crucial pending issues and this will help to run the administration smoothly atleast for the time being. As a result of this temporary peace finances will be good – including the markets.

From 2020-01-13  -  2020-01-15

Some man made and natural calamities are likely to occur in this period and this may affect common mans life with lots of problems.This may occur like Katrina near coastal regions and may have devastating effect for living of common man. Natirally the markets will sink.

From 2020-01-15  -  2020-01-20

This is the best  period of the month with IT and finance sectors zooming to good heights and make lots of profits and the results of previous quarter touching all time high and shares reaching high values. The children and schools will be benefited by new practices being introduced. A lady candidate may throw her hat for presidential race.

From 2020-01-20  -  2020-01-22

This is a period of loss for government in many fronts – the impeachment efforts may gain a new high pitch putting the administration of back foot. A high official may resign or be sacked. A prominent and experienced politician is likely to have severe health problem. The markets and dollar exchange value will dip.

From 2020-01-22  -  2020-01-25

The investments will suddenly find lack of funds for investments and this may hit many upcoming and new industries. There may be lots of opposition for the administration for many industry / finance related programs.  Naturally the market indices will fall.

From 2020-01-25  -  2020-01-27

This is  a very good period for US defence equipment industry as it will bag some crucial and bid international orders. It also gets into development and production some outstanding defence equipment which will keep the country in the top position for some years to come. It will win against many tough competitions.

From 2020-01-27  -  2020-01-31

There may an explosive blow in its foreign relationship policies. Some stubborn policies will make it lose key friends and get into trouble in its relationship with some internationally important countries and thus lose its effectiveness and finances.