Future Of Aam Admi Party, Delhi - 2014



The survival of the government at Delhi is analysed using three data – birth chart of Mr Kejriwal 2. Oath taking ceremony and 3.Prasna.

1.Kejriwal was born on Aug 16 1968 at 23-46 at Hissar. He has Vrushabha lagna with exalted moon in lagna and neecha Mars in 3rd and Guru sukra sun and moon in 4 th Ketu in 5 th and neecha sani in 12th. Both Mars and sani have neecha bhanga raja yoga. In Navamsa lagna is Kumbha with moon in 2nd and sani and sun in mesha , kety budha in mithuna venus in 7 th Guru in 8 th Mars in tenth and Rahu in 11th.  In Dasamsa again lagna is kumbha with moon in meena sani in varotthamma in mesha Rahu in 4th Mars in in neecha sun in 7 th ketu and budha in 10 th and Venus and guru in 12 th.  Besides good yogas and neecha planets he is now running  Jup MD:  2004-02-10  -  2019-11-18   Ven AD:  2011-11-12  -  2014-06-29 and   Pratyantardasas of   Merc:  2013-12-19  -  2014-05-04. While Guru and venus are well placed in rasi in Kendra, there is no connection of yogakaraka sani with lagna lord venus. While association of sun and budha with these twoplanets of guru and venus are good guru is 8 th lord and budha is in 12 th from his 5 th house lordship. While sun is very powerful in strength with over 170 % budhais very weak with 93 % and has high kashtha phala and low ishtha phala. In navamsa from guru venus is in 12 th and budha is in own house but with papi of ketu and aspected by neech sani. He is also aspected by tenth lord kuja from his own house . In dasamsa Budha and ketu are in tenth in vruschika a keetaka rasi and venus and guru are in 12 th with neecha guru with out neecha bhanga raja yoga. Thus his skills to manage the partnership will be tested and last part of budha subperiod and ketu subperiod will be tested to the core.

2.The oath taking ceremony took place at Delhi on Dec 28 2013 at 1159 AM.  Lagna is meena with ketu in 2nd  guru in 4 th Mars in 7 th sani Moon and Rahu in 8 th , Sun and budha in 10 th and venus in 11th. In navamsa kanya lagna has Rahu in makara venus and moon in 6 th guru in 8 th sani and Mars in 9 th and Moon ketu and sun in 11 th. In the compressed period of 5 years which is the longevity of the assembly . the present period is Rahu maha dasa runs up to 14 the April 2014. Rahu kuja runs from Mars:  2014-03-27  -  2014-04-14. With 8 th house rahu and sani and moon and mars being in 12 th from Rahu this period seems to be critical for survival of the government. Rahu kuja sani will be around April 2 to 5 th 2014 which the government may be difficult to survive.

3.Prasna : Based on aquery “How long will Kejiriwal’s government in Delhi last?” asked on Dec 27 2013, at 5:55 hrs, UAE time a Prasna chart is erected The Prasna lagna is Vrischuka with Saturn, Moon, Rahu in 12th house, Lagna lord Mars in the 11th and Sun, Mercury in the second house. Guru and Venus are vakri and they are placed in the 8th and 3rd house, respectively. No planets in Kendra or kona. In Navamsa, lagna is Makara and Moon is neecha. Again in the compressed dasa for 5 years Rahu Rahu Kuja operates around First week of Mar 2014.

Thus while the good combinations may make the administration try to meet some of the electoral promises the survival of the government beyond the promised 90 days to achieve its promises seems to be out of question mainly by stepping on the wrong toes of the so called partners.