Mrs.Radhika K and Dr A.P.Rao PhD ( Astrology) PhD (IIT)

Till  2020-02-06

It is an expensive period with lots of sectors needing high investment. Schools will benefit a lot from these investments. There maybe corona virus cases in schools for which government may impose some restrictions. Finances will be over all good but the markets will be volatile with in small margin.

 From  2020-02-06  -  2020-02-07

There may be new incentives in housing and real estate sector and the companies associated with these sectors will do well. Investments in these sectors and in general for housing will be profitable. Govt may impose some restrictions in travel to pacific rib countries due to the virus.

From:  2020-02-07  -  2020-02-10

Employement numbers will be highly favourable across many sectors. Unexpected support will come to president in the procedings of impeachment which may turn the wind in his favour. This is likely to be evidence/ support or similar thing from a prominent lady not belonging to his party. Markets will becme bullish.

From:  2020-02-10  -  2020-02-12

Defence deals and international popularity for iUS military hardware will get a very good demand and rating which will help financially and commercially . Many good deals in defence housing and electronic sectors will be made and the finances will see a boost. The markets especially in these sectors will rise.

From 2020-02-12  -  2020-02-16

Internationally US gains prominence and its foreign affairs will get a boost. Its import / export business will increase and it gains in competitions in trade sport and other sectors. Finances will get a boost and so the markets will be bullish.

From 2020-02-16  -  2020-02-20

Its friendly nations will support USA in many issues and its leadership qualities will be appreciated. A prominent politician will throw his hat in the presidential contest and it lokks like that he will make a very good beginning and gives good impression. His chances appears to be very good as first impression. Markets will be gaining high of the month.

From 2020-02-20  -  2020-02-24

Manufacuring sector will gain good profits – vehicle manufacturing especially in sectors like electric cars which has govt support will gain a lot and will boost the economy. The effect will be both with in and outside the country. The amrkets will be bullish especially in these sectors.

From 2020-02-24  -  2020-02-29

Investments will see a great boost and financial instruments will become popular and lead the recovery of economy. Businessdevelopment activities will gain momentum and will see many new industries being started. Markets will be volatile bit will rise as a whole.