December - 2019



Dr.A.P.Rao and Mrs.Radhika Prasad K


Planetary Transits:

Vrischike budha Dec 5th

Makare Shukra Dec 15th

Dhanuse Ravi Dec 16th

Dhanuse Budha Dec 25th

Vrischike Kuja Dec 25th

Mesha Rasi (Aries): Aswini, Bharani and Krittika 1st pada

You may notice a sudden change and lot of activity happening at work place after December 15th.  You are likely to get a promotion. Those seeking to change jobs will get a good job opportunity. Professionals will take some sudden decisions this will prove beneficial in long run. There will be monetary gains but equal expenditure.  Avoid any serious or controversial discussions with colleagues and seniors at work. Businessmen will have a better period than last month.  Those dealing in medical appliances, petroleum products, electronic goods and any government will do very well.  Technical students will do better.  The grades may not be as expected in exams.  Visas and related works will be cleared.  You may make wasteful journeys.  With all the planetary movement in navamasthana there will be marked change in your lifestyle which is for better.  Unmarried will find suitable partner.  Those in relationship will tie knot during first week of the month. There may be differences with spouse side relatives.  Diabetic and Hypertension patients need to closely monitor their health.

Vrishabha Rasi(Taurus): Krittika 2,3,4; Rohini; Mrigasira 1& 2:

December is a mixed period, Those in Administration and Management related activities may face Human Resource related problems.  There may be unnecessary expenditure.  You will purchase electronic items for home.  There will be sudden gains from investments.  Financial Analysts and Bankers will do very well. You will participate in social and religious functions. This is not a very favourable period for businessmen.  Differences with partners, not able to meet client deadlines and concerns related to government policies may be there in business.  Students may show more interest in extra curricular activities. You are prone to renal ailments, back pain, and low energies.  Senior citizens need to take extra care of health. Any pending government matters will further get delayed. For those about to get married there may be sudden postponement of marriage events. There may be a drag in marital life for married.

Mithuna Rasi(Gemini): Mrigasira 3, 4; Arudra; Punarvasu 1,2 and 3

Any major decisions like changing jobs may best be avoided.  Heavy work load and differences with team members will increase stress level. There may be sudden changes at work place. Professionals may face stiff competition.  Grades may drop for students. Research students may have concerns related to grants.  In general you will have great endurance to overcome the obstacles.  Businessmen dealing with real estate, electronics, electrical, horticulture and defense supplies will do well. Some of you will join new business.  There may be issues related to property inheritance.  Pregnant ladies need to take extra care of health. Domestic unhappiness and differences with extended family members will evade your sleep. Married may find lot of strain in relationship. Unmarried will get good proposals during first half of the month. Liver, stomach, renal and lumbar spinal ailments may cause severe inconvenience.

Karkataka Rasi(Cancer): Punarvasu 4; Pushya, Aslesha

In December second half of the month will be much better than first. Your managerial/leadership qualities will be rewarded.  Avoid serious discussions with higher ups at work.  You will win over enemies. This is a good period for professionals and people in power. Some of you will get promotion. You may receive unexpected amount.  There will be progress in any pending government works like visa matters. Business will o be good.  There may be minor differences with partners towards last week of the month.   You are prone to stomach ailments, and serious infections.  Diabetic and heart patients need to take extra of health.  Those in relationship will tie knot.  There will be support from your spouse in taking major decisions.  Students will do well at exams   You may find a state of slowness with more work and less results in all activities

Simha Rasi (Leo): Makha, Purvaphalguni(pubba), Uttaraphalguni 1:

December is financially prosperous month.  You will purchase an asset. Students will fare well in exams/competitions.    Some of you may get Government scholarships.  At work place there may be differences with a female colleague. The period is very good for professionals.  Your name in society will improve.  Your social calendar will be busy with family get togethers.  You will receive good news from near and dear.   Child  progress will make you happy. Child health also needs care towards last week of the month.  Those in relationship will tie the knot.  Businessmen will gain profits in business.  Any investment in the expansion of business will reap benefits in long run.  Cholestrol, inflammation and infections may cause inconvenience.

Kanya Rasi (Virgo): Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4; Hasta; Chitta 1,2:

December is a favourable period at job. First half of the month is good for professionals. There will be growth in income and position at work.   Some of you will purchase your dream vehicle/property. Students will do fine at exams, but they may not be able to do well at competitive exams.  This is a favourable period for artists. You will receive good news from siblings. Health of mother may be delicate.  Business will continue to be good.  Some of you will join a new business venture.  It is better to doubly check all the papers before signing any business deals. Long distance journeys will be fruitful. Asthma and arthritis patients need to take extra care of health during this month.  You will feel restless for most part of the month.  You are advised not to sign any surety papers for financial loans on on behalf of friends.

Tula Rasi(Libra):  Chitta 3,4, Swati; Vishaka 1,2 & 3:

December is a very hectic period at work.  Heavy work along with rise in responsibility will keep you on toes.  Friends and family get togethers will keep you busy during second half of the month.  You will be given to anger easily.  Extended family members may approach you for financial help.  Financial Situation will be bright after 16th.  Those in family business with siblings will do very well.  During last week of the month there will be delay in meeting client orders. Pending property litigations will see progress.  You will purchase costly gifts to spouse.  Students will do very well in competitive exams. Students planning to travel abroad for higher studies will get the opportunity.  Love is in the air some of you will get into new relationship.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio): Vishaka 4 Anuradha; Jyeshta

December is financially prosperous period.  A very favourable period for politicians and professionals. Attorneys, teachers/professors, and academic consultants will do very well.  Those planning to change job will get good opportunities.  You may invite problems and differences with friends and family members due to sharp speech. Your siblings will visit you. There will be profits through assets and investments.  Students may need to put in double efforts in academics.  But, will do very well in sports. Unmarried will get good marriage proposals. There may be communication gap with your child during third week of the month.  Business will continue to be good.  Competitors will give tough competition.  Severe headaches, ear, nose and throat ailments along with pain in shoulders will cause severe inconvenience.

Dhanus Rasi (Saggitarius): Moola; Purvashada: Uttarashada 1

December is financially prosperous period.  At work there will be rise in income. There will be profits through investments.  Friends and relatives will seek your advise.  Work related travel will keep you busy throughout the month.  It is better to keep a check on your speech towards third week of the month.   For those in business the period after 16th will be profitable but there may be differences in partnerships due to aggressive attitude.  There may be communication gap with your child. Students will do very well at academics.  There may be some dip towards last week of the month. You will get good price for your property which is for sale. .  Expenditure may be on rise towards last week of the month.  There may be certain aggressiveness and uneasiness in the marital life.   You are advised to drive carefully and be careful will climbing heights.  Diabetic and rheumatoid patients need to take extra care of health.

Makara Rasi(Capricorn): Uttarashada 2,3 &4 ; Sravana; Dhanista 1 & 2

December is a positive month at work.  You will gain respect and appreciation. But heavy work will keep you busy throughout the month. Professionals may face some hurdles after 16th of the month.  You will actively participate in community activities.  Investments will prove profitable.  Students will do very well at academics.  They will get opportunity to participate in cultural activities.  You will receive good news from siblings. Expenditure on entertaining friends and relatives will increase. Throughout this month you may feel low in spirits.  Unmarried will make impulsive decisions about marriage.  Married life will be good.  Pain in the limbs, infections and inflammation may cause severe inconvenience this month.

Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius): Dhanista 3 & 4; Shatabhisha; Purvabhadra 1, 2 &3

December is a favourable month at work as well as for finances. Your hard work and loyalty will be duly recognized. There will be growth for professionals.  Expenditure on your children will be more. You will receive good news from siblings. Mother’s health may be delicate.  Business will prosper.  Self employed will do very well. Some of you will reinvest in the business which will prove profitable in the long term.  Stock trading and investments will prove beneficial.  Students of Medicine and finance will do very well. Some of you will get opportunity to participate in science competitions. You may purchase items of luxury/jewellery for self and spouse.   Elder sibling health may be delicate. Spouse will be very supporting.

Meena Rasi(Pisces): Purvabhadra 4; Uttarabhadra: Revathi

December is a positive period at work as well as for finances. There will be growth in career for engineers, teachers, and IT professionals.  Your leadership and managerial abilities will be appreciated.  But your impulsive decisions may land you up in tricky situations at work. Earlier investments will bring in profits. Friends and relatives get together will keep you busy towards second half of the month. Businessmen will reap profits. But there may be minor differences with partners.   Students will get good grades in exams.  Students will show extra zeal in learning.  You will actively organize and participate in religious functions.  You will visit religious Guru. Pregnant ladies are advised to take extra care of health.  Unmarried will get good proposals during third week of the month.  Pain in the knees, foot, and ow back may cause severe inconvenience.