Hello dr. rao, that solves my queries, thank you very very much, you have shown me a good path and made it easy to take a decision. and this was really very quick one, we are all very thankful to you for such fast help. this is really a world class service and a noble thing your team is doing, wish you all the best for future endeavours

I am very fortunate that i came into contact with you. for me, all of your prediction came true. last 3 years i was struggling to finish my ms and you mentioned i will finish it by sep 2008. i don’t have any hope of passing one exam but since you advised me to take the exam i did attempted the exam and cleared it. and also according to your prediction i got a new job offer with hike and promotion. since i developed strong faith on your predictions i need some more advice which i will order from the website.

I want to salute you for your astrological guidance over a period of two years during my legal battle in us. in spite of all the odds against me in the later part of the battle due to the opposition bringing in one of the world’s leading law firm, you did not change your position and maintained that i would win ultimately. finally the almost impossible happened and i won. further your continued advice also helped improve my family life. i am sure i will continue to be in touch with you for a long time to come. thanks again.

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to you for advising me to chant. i was at the hospital today and the consultant could not believe that the leakage on my retina has disappeared. though i had not mentioned it to you, way back in january, i was told that there is a leakage in the retina , which might have been because of the fact that i am a diabetic, and that there will be laser intervention. today they were surprised as to how it has disappeared. i myself am amazed at the development which of course i owe to you. thanking you again .

I must upfront thank you for the extremely relevant advice you have given me. after doing the .. shanti daily as per your instruction i am really at peace and even at work a lot of appreciation for my work is now coming in. during shravana masa we had. done the pooja. i must confess that it is perhaps a first time that i have got such benefit from astrological advice.i really owe you a debt of gratitude to you. even for my wife and child we are following your advice.

It is a blessing from the lord that we came into contact with you. we somehow feel there is an angel out there who is always there to guide us through our tough times.